Welcome to SAFE Tasmania

Safety And First-Aid Education (S.A.F.E) offers a wide range of training in first aid and occupational health and safety (OHS) to meet the needs of individuals, companies and organizations.

The knowledge and skills learnt from S.A.F.E’s training will prepare individuals, companies and organizations for dealing with emergencies and safety issues. We will markedly improve your ability to provide a healthy and safe workplace, and to manage any first aid emergency.

This guide provides you with information on the training offered by S.A.F.E, and provides guidance as to which training best meets your needs. S.A.F.E can also assist in the development of individual solutions to your training needs.

ALL classes are conducted at your onsite venue. S.A.F.E also provides materials, resources and equipment to meet your entire safety needs.

Why choose Safety And First-Aid Education?

  • We provide experienced and skilled trainers with national training qualifications
  • We use the latest training materials and equipment
  • Where appropriate, we are committed to delivering a ‘hands on’ approach to training
  • We can deliver training in a variety of formats, including distance education
  • Course prices available by phoning, email or completing contact form via web site
  • All courses are private courses for groups tailoring to your specific needs 
  • Now accepting ETOF, PayPal, cash and VISA payments for courses


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                                           First Aid Training delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO#90909


                                Refund Policy and  Student Handbook: https://www.allenstraining.com.au/students/student-handbook.aspx